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Inventory Reports - Depending on the property size, up to 8 hours spent within the property to compile an in-depth and accurate Inventory report, this includes listing all fixtures/fittings, contents, current condition and its cleanliness. We believe it is best for this report to be done on a separate occasion prior to check in, giving enough time for any maintenance works required to be carried out. A remote signing service is provided through our software, we requested the tenant to review and sign the report so you don't have too. 


CHECK IN - keys collected from the landlord or the Letting Agent, the property is ideally checked again prior to tenant’s arrival. 

Recording the cleanliness and condition of a property accompanied by any fixtures, fittings, contents and decoration (If different from the recordings on the inventory) and with relevant meter readings immediately before the tenancy starts.

Tenants are shown the property and it's condition and signatures obtained for the agreement of the report and new meter readings recorded. Supporting photos are provided.

CHECK OUT - Recording the cleanliness and condition of the property when the tenancy ends in order to identify if anything has changed. Detailed comparison against the original Inventory and Check In Report with photographic evidence stating existing conditions. Maintenance requirements and any cleaning issues will be noted and whether the tenants broke any conditions i.e. smoking or pets. Keys collected and taken back to landlords or managing agents. Tenants forwarding address documented.

PERIODIC INSPECTIONS - Provides a chance for the client to be made aware of any problems in the way that the tenant is using and caring for the property. It is also an opportunity for the tenant to notify the agent about any potential maintenance and repair issues. Such visits are good practice and contribute to better communication with the tenant.

Fair Wear and Tear - (This can only be fair to both parties if the accurate condition and cleanliness was recorded at the start of the tenancy)

CGInventories – Have the knowledge to take into account all factors and make a fair and reasonable judgement as to whether something is Fair Wear and Tear and not Fair Wear and Tear, whether it should be considered a maintenance issue for

the landlord or the tenant should be reasonably charged for the damage.

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