COVID-19 Keeping Safe Guidelines

CGInventories COVID-19 -Health and Safety Policy


Keeping safe guidelines


Face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes and sanitising air spray within the property will be used accordingly, both before and after compiling a report or conducting an inventory service.


CGInventories will conduct business as normal if the following rules are adhered to.


Inventory reports


How this will be conducted.

Inventory reports are always best to be done when a property is empty and ready for occupation. Keys can be left in a safe box at the property for the inspector or collected from a client if they have been sprayed/wiped with sanitiser and put into a new envelope.

The two metre distancing rule can be adhered to when collecting keys.


CGInventories will wear fresh gloves to handle objects within the property, will spray sanitising air freshener and use sanitising wipes during the procedure and again on exit of the property.

 Keys will be sprayed/wiped with a sanitiser solution and replaced back into a new envelope on exit of the property or cleaned and placed back in the key box, which will also be wiped over when the inspection has been completed.


Check in/Hand over


How this will be conducted.

Where an Agent/landlord is unable to handover  a property CGInventories will collect keys in the same manner as per the inventory report process above.


CGInventories will then arrive at the property 40 minutes before the appointed hand over time to check the property is the same condition as reported within the documented inventory, or to update any maintenance work that may have needed attention. Obtain and photograph meters readings and update the inventory with any other necessary information.

Photographic evidence of the keys will also be added to the report.


CGInventories will meet one family member only at the property, at the agreed appointment time where the 2- metre distancing rule can be adhered too.


Keys will be wiped and placed in a new envelope and placed on a sanitised surface for the tenant to collect. The tenant will be given an application of hand sanitiser and their signature will be obtained for keys via a device, the device will also be sprayed before placing it at a 2-metre distance for the tenant to use.  CGInventories are happy to provide clean gloves for the tenant if welcomed. 

Remote process

How this will be conducted



The report is sent via an email link and can be opened via any device, tenants have the opportunity to add comments, (if any) supporting photos and sign remotely.

A signature is mandatory from the tenant as agreement to the report.


Tenants should check the report thoroughly.

Any queries or discrepancies relating to the descriptions or contents in this report must be addressed within 7 days of the tenant moving into the property.

CGInventories will review, then both the landlord and the tenant will receive an email link to access the final signed report.


Mid-term Inspections (Remote Appointments Only)


How this will be conducted


To ensure a care of duty for both landlords and tenants we have a new remote way of working for this service, where we gather information about the condition of the property direct from the tenants, we will not visit the property.


This is done via a pre-arranged telephone appointment with the tenant, the tenant will be made aware of how this will be conducted and how they will need to provide information on each room/area within the house and outside the property.


The tenant will be guided through each room and asked to do a visual check, their comments and information is added to the report. We do not ask tenants to check cleanliness or décor in the property. We are asking if there is any areas of concern or maintenance that needs urgent attention, such as visible signs of damp or water leaks, tenants will be asked to take supporting photos to be added to the report.

Maintenance issues will be created on the report for urgent matters only, other items will still be logged for the Landlords/Agent information.

Once the report is finished it can be sent to the Landlord/Agent and the tenant.


Check out – Comparable reports

How this will be conducted

The tenants must have fully vacated and removed all rubbish and personal belongings from the property. The property must be thoroughly cleaned and left in the condition that it is expected to be, when handing back to the Landlord/Letting Agent. If the property is not in an acceptable condition, then a comparable report cannot be compiled. Tenants should have dropped keys to the Letting Agent's office prior to this appointment.


The property must have been empty for a minimum 3 days, to allow time for any infection to have cleared from hard surfaces. The report will be compiled in the same manner as the Inventory guidelines above, i.e. wearing fresh gloves to touch objects within the property.  CGInventories will spray sanitising air freshener and use sanitising wipes during the procedure and again on exit of the property.


CGInventories will collect and return the keys maintaining social distancing, they will be cleaned on pick up and on drop off and placed in a new envelope and can be posted through the letterbox, unless there is a key safe box at the property.


All report turnaround times are 24/48 hours.